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Come and meet JOP @

Please register at with sign up with email address on the bottom of your page and we will provide you the URL for to attend.

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Being in the business of digital privacy protection and education, we believe that protecting your personal information is key.  Everything we do in Internet and Social Networks leaves a track and our personal information. This is why it is very important to know how to protect the privacy of our personal information. With Bloksec’s decentralized approach to identity and authentication, it provides users with a higher level of security. We leverage BlokSec’s secure and frictionless authentication platform to protect the members section of our website. (CEO & Founder – Digital Privacy Company)

Demo will shown at Ottawa hub Jan 28 2020 or recording of event can be requested with an email to

Launch of PIPS website:

please see below for the PIPS demo site integrated with registration and password lees authentication based on Blockchain technology.

Logins for sale:

Threats that can sneak up on you:

How you can send hidden files:

New phishing attacks:

Smart Person, Smart City, Smart Planet

Human centric identity people can see and understand

Block Spammers with these Tips:

Don’t provide any personal or any account information if contacted by phone, email or text message.

Don’t make any type of of payment until you verified and confirmed that you are dealing with company who have any service relationship.

Don’t click on any links advertising a refund or a rebate in text messages or emails as this is a tactic fraudsters use to gather and later access personal information.

Loyalty Rewards Programs

Comic-style introduction to Mnemonic Guard and Cryptomnemo

Be privacy proficient: Get meaningful consent

Personal information belonging to 144,000 Canadians breached by federal departments and agencies | CBC News

Breach of personal data from teachers in Quebec

Capital One banking breach compromises data of over 100 million people Ottawa hub event

Privacy Day Ottawa
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